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Australian Senate Inquiry Hears Smoke Alarm Practise Inadequate

An Australian┬áSenate inquiry into smoke alarms has heard from fire services around Australia, who say current smoke alarm practice is inadequate and residents have a false sense of security, particularly when it comes to use of ionisation smoke sensors. Recommendations from fire services include that…

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Protect your contactless credit and debit cards.

Following its 2015 debut, Armourcard was demonstrated at CES for the first time. The wallet-sized device aims to protect your contactless credit and debit cards, smartphones, and passports from skimmers by using micro-jamming technology. The Australian company says its technology can prevent attackers from drive-by-scanning,…

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Qkey aims to revolutionize how we pay for things online. After chip-and-PIN finally made it to the US, it has yet to make it to the desktop. That’s where tech firm uQontrol wants to step in. The Qkey plugs in like a USB stick, turning…

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Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlock

This Bluetooth-enabled outdoor padlock doesn’t need a set of keys to unlock. The lock works by detecting an approved Bluetooth phone with the company’s app. That makes it easier and more convenient to unlock, but it’s not the only way in. The padlock also comes…

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