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Retina scanning for everyone

Wink, and you’re in. That’s the hope of one firm that builds iris-recognition technology, EyeLock, whose newest iris module can be embedded in almost anything. The company demonstrated at CES how an eye-scan can unlock anything — including devices and computers, as well as authenticate…

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Sony Releases STARVIS Back-Illuminated CMOS CCTV Sensor

Sony’s STARVIS sensor technology increases the sensitivity of back-illuminated CMOS image sensors for security cameras. STARVIS increases the light utilization efficiency over a wide range of wavelengths, enhancing sensitivity not only in the visible light region but also the near infrared light region that is…

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24-7 Introduce LightSYS™ 2

The LightSYS™ 2 professional hybrid security system now offers even more! LightSYS™ 2 supports RISCO Group’s revolutionary live video verification solution, VUpoint, a cloud-based platform that utilizes IP Cameras to provide real-time video streaming in response to alarm triggers or on demand. LightSYS™ 2 with…

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